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 By the beginnings of 1956, Miguel Mysliwczuk, founder of the company, started the family business after he purchased a piece of land where, later on, the tea factory was built. It is situated in Block 136 – Section VI – Campo Viera, Misiones, Argentina.


In 1969, Jaroslaw Mysliwczuk, the founder’s son, joined in to form the company. In 1996, Victor Hugo Mysliwczuk, the founder’s grandson, became part of the business and “ MIGUEL, JAROSLAW AND VICTOR HUGO MYSLIWCZUK SH.” saw the light. At that time, the company produced approximately 300,000 kg.

In January 1999 the company took the name “JAROSLAW & VICTOR HUGO MYSLIWCZUK LLC” due to the death of its founder, Miguel Mysliwczuk.

In January 2006 Jaroslaw passed away and Victor Hugo became the sole owner.

Today the company has a totally automated two-production-lines tea factory, and a production of 5,000,000 kg of green leaves. The total amount of raw material is planted and cropped by the company and it accounts for a production of 1,500,000 kg of finished and ready-to-sell product.

Nowadays the company exports to Holland, Chile, Uruguay, England, USA, Indonesia, etc.


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